Assistance and consulting relating to majority or minority investment projects (due diligence, appraisal, negotiation advisory, synergy mapping, etc.)

Historically, Approbans has specialized in transactions and due diligence relating to acquisitions or divestitures.

Financial due diligence (assisting in acquisition of minority or majority interest, acquisition audit) on behalf of investment funds or industrials concerns: target analysis, risk assessment, review of interim and/or pro forma financial statements, feasibility and impact of business plan, review of net cash on hand, earn-out clause, analysis of current trading, evolution of working capital needs, price variation clauses, etc.

VDD (Vendor due diligence): preparation of presentation memorandum for prospective buyers, followed by Q&A process.

Carve-out: context analysis, methodological assistance (mapping of income flux and balance-sheet items relating to operation, review of main accounting options, preparation of ad hoc financial statements), projected impact of carve-out, etc.