Commited and pragmatic professionals

The teams of Approbans are composed of professionals from major international auditing firms with an average of twenty years’ experience in financial consulting.

Their work is based on a core of common values, enriched by complementary approaches.

Operational: we privilege a hands-on, on-site approach. Your interlocutor will be fully committed to the mission at hand and will personally provide you with updates.

Independent: our activity requires we remain vigilant and keep an independent mind, essential to our reputation, on which we place a high premium.

Specialists: we provide demonstrable expertise in the fields described above. When necessary, we call upon experts in specific subjects (corporate or fiscal law, human resources, intellectual property, etc.)

Collegial: highly technical in nature, our interventions reinforce the need for

1) the cohesion of our teams;

2) quality communication with our partners and colleagues;

3) a candid and lasting relationship with our clients.

Reactive: our positioning requires a high level of reactivity in order to provide quality service to our clients.