Assistance with crisis management and cost control :

  • implementation, follow-up and update of business plan
  • future cash needs estimates

Approbans will help you find solutions in order to overcome sporadic difficulties due to the volatile economic context. Our team of experienced professionals will be a strong asset in restoring financial stability and will help you chart the core areas of concern.

In addition to performance enhancement, a thorough understanding of the financial stakes is crucial in overcoming hurdles:

  • Assessment of cash position
  • Cost follow-up and control
  • Optimization of working capital
  • Re-negotiation of bank ratios
  • Debt restructuring 

Approbans will design the solution suited to your specific needs:

  • Preparation of Independent Business Review for third parties (investors, shareholders, financial institutions, etc.)
  • Implementation, follow-up and update of business plan
  • Implementation of emergency measures to safeguard cash levelsCrisis resolution plan (in collaboration with management)