Regulated interventions

Commissariat aux comptes: statutory auditing and verification of contributions, as defined by the French Code de Commerce (regulations on commercial transactions).

At stake is the official certification of financial statements, which ensures the company’s credibility and guarantees accuracy of the information provided. 

We strictly adhere to the code of ethics of the Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes, and reserve the right to refuse missions if we deem they may lead to an infringement of the rules of conduct of the profession (e.g. conflict of interest). See article 6 of the “Code de Déontologie”.

Providing high quality service to our clients is paramount, and we are proud to bring added value to the auditing of procedures (diagnostics and recommendations). We are particularly eager to ensure secure processing and exploitation of data.

  • Commissariat aux comptes
    Statutory audit for French companies or subsidiaries of international groups (in particular for companies under LBO and/or issuing hybrid shares)
  • Audit of contributions
  • Audit prior to merger
  • Audit of special benefits