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  • ACG Management

    Approbans helped ACG Management while taking a minority interest into WinMedia equity, with financial Due Diligences and a continuous assistance during the acquisition process.


  • Groupe STEF / TFE

    Approbans was hired by STEF Group in the context of the contemplated redemption of SNCM (company’s analysis, financial projections, …). 

  • January 2015
    A french group listed in Paris hires Approbans to manage a cross-border acquisition process; Financial due diligences are dealt with, in respect with Letter Of Intent Terms.
  • December 2014

    PCFR – Poolcop, which operates in the pool automation systems market, hires Approbans for a significant capital increase.

  • October 2014

    Tax and financial diligences are performed by Approbans,

  • September 2014


    On behalf of BPI France and Viveris Management, Approbans deals with financial aspects of an LBO operation on DPIA, a French leader in leaf springs production and trading. Click the link

  • Juillet 2014


    Approbans accompagne le groupe Botanica sur le volet financier d'un projet de reprise partielle d'actifs.

  • Juin 2014

    Villages Clubs du Soleil / Renouveau Vacances

    En tant que Commissaire aux apports de l’opération, Approbans contribue au rapprochement de ces deux acteurs significatifs du tourisme social en France. Voir le lien

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