Dedicated and experienced, our team will design novel approaches to the mission at hand for optimal results.



Our flexible and efficient team adapts to the needs of our clients, who expect quality service and swift, comprehensive solutions.



Our know-how, based on years of professional practice and the successful completion of numerous missions, allows us to assess situations rapidly and get to the core issues.


Last news


  • Mars 2016

    Approbans has new premises in Paris

  • January 2015
    A french group listed in Paris hires Approbans to manage a cross-border acquisition process; Financial due diligences are dealt with, in respect with Letter Of Intent Terms.
  • December 2014

    PCFR – Poolcop, which operates in the pool automation systems market, hires Approbans for a significant capital increase.

  • October 2014

    Tax and financial diligences are performed by Approbans,

  • September 2014


    On behalf of BPI France and Viveris Management, Approbans deals with financial aspects of an LBO operation on DPIA, a French leader in leaf springs production and trading. Click the link

  • Juillet 2014


    Approbans accompagne le groupe Botanica sur le volet financier d'un projet de reprise partielle d'actifs.

  • Juin 2014

    Villages Clubs du Soleil / Renouveau Vacances

    En tant que Commissaire aux apports de l’opération, Approbans contribue au rapprochement de ces deux acteurs significatifs du tourisme social en France. Voir le lien

  • Avril 2014


    La plateforme de services lancée début 2014 par Pascal Queslin et Denys Chalumeau lève plusieurs millions d’euros. Approbans prend part à ces opérations en travaillant sur les augmentations de capital correspondantes.


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